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In Communion With Christ is an all-parish resource designed to complement With Hearts and Minds. It is intended to assist participants to a deeper appreciation of the nature and role of the Liturgy in the life of the Christian community; to participate more deeply in the Liturgy.

Like With Hearts and Minds it is based on a six week programme. It follows the same broad themes, but it is a resource that can be shared with the whole parish, both through Sunday preaching on those broad themes and through take-away A4 sheets to help people continue to reflect on what has been preached about in the homily.

It is not usually practical for all parishioners to commit themselves to a six week formation course based on house-groups. In Communion with Christ means that they can still engage in the formation opportunity offered by those groups.

In Communion with Christ is intended as a complement to, not a substitute for With Hearts and Minds. However it is also able to be used as a stand-alone programme where that is judged the better way to proceed.


1 Introduction
2 Gathering Introductory Rites
3 Word Liturgy of the Word
4 Thanksgiving Liturgy of the Eucharist — Eucharistic Prayer
5 Communion Communion Rite
6 Mission Concluding Rite


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