Sacred Scripture

Versions approved for use in the liturgy

The Bishops' Conference of England and Wales has approved the following versions of Scripture for use in the Liturgy.

Bible Versions

  • Revised Standard Version
  • Jerusalem Bible
  • New Jerusalem Bible *
  • New Revised Standard Version *
  • Good News — may be used for Masses with Children


  • Grail (1963)
  • Grail (revised 1993)*

* These versions may not be used to produce a Lectionary without the express permission of the Conference. The current Lectionary makes use of the Jerusalem Bible and the Grail Psalter (1963).

Divine Office

The Divine Office follows a principle where different versions of scripture were used for particular books of the Bible. The following versions are used:

  • Jerusalem Bible
  • Knox Bible
  • New English Bible
  • Revised Standard Version
  • Good News

Psalms and Canticles

The Grail Psalter (1963) is used for the Psalms. Canticles are taken from:

  • Grail
  • Jerusalem Bible
  • Revised Standard Version
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