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Celebrating the Paschal Mystery

A Syllabus of Liturgical Formation




Spirit of the Season
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In 1991 the Liturgy Office published Celebrating the Paschal Mystery: A Syllabus of Liturgical Formation for those setting up courses in Liturgy. Since then it has inspired and assisted many dioceses and groups organise liturgical formation in many different ways at many different levels. Those wishing to use the syllabus will note that some of the documentation it refers to has now been superseded.

The text of Syllabus is available here for downloading either as pdf or rich text format (rtf). It is also available as a booklet and can be purchased from the Liturgy Office.

Complete text pdf rtf
Foreword & Basic Bibliography pdf rtf
1. Introduction and Foundations pdf rtf
2. The Word of God in Worship pdf rtf
3. The Eucharist pdf rtf
4. The Liturgical Year pdf rtf
5. Initiation pdf rtf
6. Liturgical Art and Architecture pdf rtf
7. Liturgical Music pdf rtf
8. Liturgy of the Hours pdf rtf
9. Rites of Commitment (Marriage, Sacrament of Order) pdf rtf

Rites of Healing (Penance, Anointing, Funerals)

pdf rtf
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