June 2011

Lectionary Cycle

  • Sunday — Year A
  • Weekday — Cycle I

Sundays, Solemnities & Feasts of the Lord


June 2011 — Liturgical Calendar
Day Date Celebration Rank
Day Date Celebration Rank
Wednesday 1 St Justin, Martyr memorial
Thursday 2 Weekday of Easter
or Ss Marcellinus and Peter, Martyrs
Friday 3 Ss Charles Lwanga and Companions, Martyrs memorial
Saturday 4 Weekday of Easter
Sunday 5 The Ascension of the Lord solemnity
Monday 6 Weekday of Easter
or St Norbert, Bishop
week III
Tuesday 7 Weekday of Easter
Wednesday 8 Weekday of Easter
Thursday 9 Weekday of Easter
or St Ephrem, Deacon, Doctor of the Church;
(St Columba, abbot - in England)
Friday 10 Weekday of Easter
Saturday 11 St Barnabas, Apostle memorial
Sunday 12 Pentecost solemnity
Monday 13 St Anthony of Padua, Priest, Doctor of the Church memorial (week III)
Tuesday 14 Weekday in Ordinary Time (Week 11)
Wednesday 15 Weekday in Ordinary Time
Thursday 16 Weekday in Ordinary Time
or St Richard of Chichester, Bishop (in England)
Friday 17 Weekday in Ordinary Time
Saturday 18 Weekday in Ordinary Time
Sunday 19 The Most Holy Trinity solemnity
Monday 20 Weekday in Ordinary Time (Week 12)
or St Alban, Martyr
(St Alban, Julius and Aaron, protoMartyrs - in Wales)
week IV
Tuesday 21 St Aloysius Gonzaga, Religious memorial
Wednesday 22 Ss John Fisher, Bishop, and Thomas More, Martyrs;
(St Paulinus of Nola, Bishop optional memorial - in Wales)
Thursday 23 Weekday in Ordinary Time
or St Ethelreda (Audrey), abbess (in England)
Friday 24 The Nativity of John the Baptist solemnity
Saturday 25 Weekday in Ordinary Time
Sunday 26 The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ solemnity
Monday 27 Weekday in Ordinary Time (Week 13)
or St Cyril of Alexandria, Bishop, Doctor of the Church
week I
Tuesday 28 St Irenaeus, Bishop, Martyr memorial
Wednesday 29 Ss Peter and Paul, Apostles solemnity
Thursday 30 Weekday in Ordinary Time
or The First Martyrs of the Holy Roman Church