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On this page it is intended to make available various texts from the Roman Missal. These will include the Order of Mass in a format which can be copied and used as a participation aid.

Order of Mass


Bookmark for the Liturgy of the Word — This is intended to be placed in the Lectionary to help readers, deacons and priests remember the new dialogues in the Liturgy of Word. The pdf provides two formats: with and without music.

Introductory Period

In England and Wales parishes will begin to use the new translation in September – November with the Order of Mass. The Catholic Truth Society have published the extract from the Roman Missal for use during this period. To assist the use of this publication during this period some additional resources are published below:

Eucharistic Prayers for Concelebration

These documents are intended to be printed as A5-booklets

Parallel Texts

the following documents allow the comparison of the 1973 and the 2010 translation.

Order of Mass leaflets

The following leaflets may be reproduced for local parish use. ICEL has agreed that these editions for parish use may be made without the need to apply for permission until Advent 2011. Consult the ICEL website for further details of ICEL's copyright policy.

Pocket Order of Mass

Pdf for insertion into people's Missals. A6 size - printed on A4, to be copied back-to-back and then stapled and cut to produce 2 Orders of Mass.

Order of Mass
contents A5 A5 2 colour A4 large print
Full text pdf-logo pdf-logo pdf-logo
with Nicene Creed pdf-logo pdf-logo pdf-logo
with Apostles' Creed pdf-logo pdf-logo pdf-logo
Weekdays pdf-logo pdf-logo pdf-logo

The leaflets are arranged as follows:

2 sides of A4 designed to be folded to form 4 page A5 booklet
A5 2 colour
The same as the A5 pdfs but with the rubrics and commentary in red.
A4 large print
4 sides of A4 which may be printed on A3. Uses serif font and the spoken text is 14 point on the first 2 leaflets (full and Nicene Creed) and 15 point (Apostles' Creed and Weekdays)
Full text
Text for Sunday Mass with all 3 forms of Penitential Act and both Nicene and Apostles' Creed
with Nicene Creed
as full text but with only the Nicene Creed
with Apostles' Creed
as full text but with only the Apostles' Creed
the text omits the Gloria and the Creed