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Spirit of the Season





Spirit of the Season

Over the years Spirit of the Season has covered a lot of material. The is primarily about the liturgy and the liturgical year which are explored through both practical resources and pieces for reflection. This index is intended to assist finding past material that will still be useful in many situations.



A Cascade of Calendars 1999-Autumn: 2

Calendar things 1999-Autumn: 2



God's time 1999-Autumn: 1

What time is it? 1999-Autumn: 1



All Saints 2004-Autumn: 2

Ascension 2005-Easter: 2

Ash Wednesday 2005-Lent: 2

Epiphany 2005-Winter: 2

Focusing on a Feast: Body and Blood of Christ 2003-Summer: 2

Shrove Tuesday 2001-Winter: 2

St Peter & St Paul 2005-Summer: 2

The Encounter - 2 February 2001-Winter: 1


Abstinence 2005-Lent: 2

Advent 2004-Advent: 2

Benediction 2005-Summer: 2

Easter 2005-Easter: 2

Epiphany 2005-Winter: 2

Exposition 2005-Summer: 2

Faithful Departed 2004-Autumn: 2

Incarnation 2004-Advent: 2

Incense 2005-Winter: 2

Lectionary 2004-Autumn: 2

Lent 2005-Lent: 2

Paschal Mystery 2005-Easter: 2

Prophet 2004-Advent: 2

Real Presence 2005-Summer: 2

Redemption 2005-Winter: 2

Resurrection 2005-Easter: 2

Sacramental 2005-Lent: 2

Salvation 2004-Autumn: 2

Solemnity of the Body & Blood of Christ 2005-Summer: 2

Sunday 2005-Easter: 2
Liturgy A cloud of witnesses 2006-Summer: 2

Appropriate adaptation of the Liturgy 2006-Winter: 3
Christ is always present in his Church
- in his word proclaimed
2003-Winter: 4

Christ is always present in his Church
- in the people gathered in his name
2002-Advent: 4

Christ is always present in his Church
- in the person of his minister
2003-Summer: 4

Christ is always present in his Church
- in the sacraments celebrated
2003-Easter: 4
Collaborative Ministry 2005-Autumn: 3
How many 'Jesuses' do you have? 2006-Lent: 2
Imaging the Word 2005-Advent: 2
Liturgy & Justice:
Start as you mean to go on
2005-Autumn: 1
Liturgy & Justice:
On Earth as it is in Heaven
2005-Advent: 1
Liturgy & Justice:
All are welcome
2006-Winter: 1
Liturgy & Justice:
Sing a new song!
2006-Lent: 1
Liturgy and Issues of Inclusion/Exclusion 2005-Advent: 3
Liturgy and the Arts 2005-Autumn: 2
Looking at the Mass - Introduction 2005-Autumn: 4
Looking at the Mass - Introductory Rites 2005-Advent: 4
Looking at the Mass - Liturgy of the Word 2006-Winter: 4
Looking at the Mass - Liturgy of the Eucharist 2006-Lent: 4
Looking at the Mass - Communion Rite 2006-Easter: 4
Looking at the Mass - Concluding Rite 2006-Summer: 4
Making the Connections - Liturgy and Life 2006-Summer: 3

Parts of the Mass explained:
2 Tables
2000-Advent: 4

Parts of the Mass explained:
Conclusion & Sending Forth
2001-Summer: 4

Parts of the Mass explained:
Gathering & Introductions
2001-Winter: 4

Parts of the Mass explained:
The Liturgy of the Eucharist
2001-Summer: 4

Parts of the Mass explained:
The Liturgy of the Word
2001-Lent: 4
Responding to Events 2006-Lent: 3

Shouts of Joy 2001-Easter: 3

Silence 1999-Autumn: 3

The Presences of Christ 2002-Autumn: 4
The Quality of Symbols 2006-Easter: 3
Usng your local art galleries 2006-Winter: 2
Where is your 'Our Lady' from? 2006-Easter: 2

Who celebrates? 2003-Winter: 2



All are welcome 2006-Winter: 1
Arranging space for liturgy 2003-Autumn: 2

Celebrations other than Mass 2004-Summer: 2

Making an Entrance 2003-Advent: 2

Pools of Water 2000-Spring: 4

Space to Gather 2004-Winter: 2

The Altar 2004-Lent: 2

The Ambo 2004-Easter: 2



Be still and know 2005-Summer: 3

Common senses 2004-Autumn: 3

Full participation 2004-Autumn: 3

Hearing 2005-Winter: 3

Listening 2005-Winter: 3

Seeing & Believing 2004-Advent: 3

Seeing, touching, tasting 2005-Lent: 3

Smell 2005-Easter: 3

Stillness of participation 2005-Summer: 3

The Fragrance of Christ 2005-Easter: 3

Work of our hands 2005-Lent: 3



Building Blocks 2004-Winter: 3

Collective Worship 2003-Advent: 3

Collective Worship Audit 2004-Summer: 3

It's my turn for assembly 2003-Autumn: 3

Liturgy Planning Sheet 2004-Lent: 3
Planning a time of prayer 2006-Winter: 2

Recording & Evaluating Liturgy 2004-Easter: 3



Catholic? 2005-Lent: 1

Doing the Rite Thing 2005-Winter: 1

Doing what we can together 2005-Easter: 4

Full, conscious & active 2005-Winter: 4

Going up 2005-Easter: 1

Knowing our place 2004-Autumn: 1

Learning the Rite Way 2004-Advent: 1

Looking Back, looking forward 2003-Summer: 3

Making up the Body of Christ 2004-Autumn: 4

Memorial 1999-Autumn: 3

Real Value 2005-Summer: 1

Respect for Others 2004-Advent: 4

What are we asking of ourselves, of others 2005-Lent: 4



A prayer of blessing 2001-Summer: 3
A time of Thanksgiving for Staff 2006-Summer:4

Baking Bread 2003-Easter: 3
Blessing the Classroom 2006-Winter: 4

Blessings 2003-Advent: 2

Celebrating our time at school 2001-Summer: 2
Celebrating the Resurrection 2006-Easter:4

Choosing readings 2000-Spring: 3

Gathering 2004-Advent: 3

Gathering together 2004-Winter: 2

Images of Christ 2002-Autumn: 3
Liturgy Bookshelf 1:
Missal, Lectionary, Ordo
2005-Autumn: 2
Liturgy Bookshelf 2:
General Instruction of the Roman Missal, Celebrating the Mass
2005-Advent: 2
Liturgy Bookshelf 3:
Directory for Masses with Children, WIth Hearts & Minds
2006-Winter: 2
Liturgy Bookshelf 4:
Books about Liturgy & Schools
2006-Lent: 2
Liturgy Bookshelf 5:
Liturgical Music
2006-Easter: 2
Liturgy Bookshelf 6:
Web & Print resources
2006-Summer: 2
Morning Prayer 2005-Advent: 4

Open  to God 2005-Summer: 4

Penitential Rite 3 2001-Winter: 3
Penitential Service 2006-Lent: 4

Praise God in the Morning 2002-Autumn: 3
Prayer and PowerPoint 2005-Autumn: 2

Reconciliation Service 2001-Lent: 2
Remembering the Dead 2005-Autumn: 4

Remembering those who have died 1999-Autumn: 3

Taking food & drink - graces 2001-Winter: 2
Ten Tips for using PowerPoint to enhance liturgy 2005-Advent: 2
The Look of It 2006-Easter: 2

The Year of the Eucharist 2005-Summer: 2
Using images and music 2006-Lent: 2
What we have seen and heard 2006-Summer: 2



Alleluia! 2004-Easter: 2

Amen 2004-Lent: 2

Gloria 2004-Summer: 2

Hosanna 2004-Winter: 2

Kyrie 2003-Autumn: 2

Maranatha 2003-Advent: 2


Forming a liturgical assembly 2004-Summer: 4

Forming liturgical ministers in school 2003-Advent: 4

Ministry of Server 2004-Easter: 4

Ministry of the Assembly 2003-Autumn: 4

Proclaiming Christ - the Ministry of the Word 2004-Winter: 4

Singing the Lord's Song - Ministry of Musicians and Singers 2004-Lent: 4


2005–2006 Music Ideas 2005-2006
Processing to Communion 2004-Lent: 2
Sing a new song! 2006-Lent: 1

Singing the Eucharistic Prayer 2003-Summer: 2

Singing the Mass - Priorities 2001-Easter: 2

Song of the Body of Christ - Gathering Songs 2002-Advent: 2

Songs about the Breaking of Bread 2003-Easter: 3

Songs about the Word 2003-Winter: 3

Songs of farewell 2003-Autumn: 2

Sprinkling 2004-Summer: 2

We remember - the Memorial Acclamation 2004-Easter: 2

Welcoming the Word in Song 2003-Winter: 3


Canticles: Magnificat & Daniel 2004-Summer: 2

Let us go to God's house 2002-Advent: 2

Psalm 135 2004-Easter: 2

Psalm 24 2003-Advent: 2

Psalm 26 2003-Autumn: 2

Psalm 90 - common psalms 2004-Lent: 2

Psalms 22 & 99 2004-Winter: 2

Singing Psalm 139 2002-Autumn: 3


Doctor tells all - Luke 2000-Advent: 1

Tax Man Gives - Matthew 2001-Advent: 1



Advent in the Classroom 2000-Advent: 3

Advent Wreath 2000-Advent: 2

Advent Wreath 2004-Advent: 2

The Classroom in Advent 2004-Advent: 2

The Classroom in Advent 2004-Autumn: 2

The Classroom in Easter 2001-Easter: 3

The Classroom in Easter 2005-Easter: 2

The Classroom in Lent 2001-Lent: 3

The Classroom in Lent 2002-Lent: 3

The Classroom in Lent 2005-Lent: 2

The Classroom in Summer OT 2001-Summer: 3

The Classroom in Summer OT 2005-Summer: 2

The Classroom in Winter OT 2001-Winter: 3

The Prayer Space in Autumn 2002-Autumn: 3

The Prayer Space in Easter 2003-Easter: 3

The Prayer Space in Lent 2003-Lent: 3

The Prayer Space in Summer 2003-Summer: 3

The Prayer Space in Winter 2003-Winter: 4

What about a liturgy Crib 2001-Advent: 3



Let's Party! 2003-Easter: 2

When the Church speaks about Lent 2000-Spring: 1



All change 2004-Easter: 1

Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! 2001-Easter: 1

Annual observance of Lent… 2001-Lent: 1

Babies 4 God! 2002-Autumn: 1

Candle Power 2004-Winter: 1

Circle Time 2002-Advent: 1

Death & New Life 2002-Lent: 1

Entering into the joyful season of Lent 2002-Lent: 2

Entering into the mystery that is Advent 2001-Advent: 2

Free Spirit 2003-Summer: 1

Gone before us 2003-Autumn: 1

In Secret 2003-Lent: 2

Let's Party! 2003-Easter: 1

Life to the full 2004-Summer: 1

Mary in Advent 2001-Advent: 4

Mary in Christmas 2001-Advent: 4

NY Resolution - Action 2003-Winter: 1

Planet-wide fasting 2003-Lent: 1

Spring Cleaning 2003-Lent: 3

The football & the skipping rope - end of term Mass 2001-Summer: 1

Today, as I am writing this - Pius Parsch 2003-Lent: 4

Waiting & Preparing 2003-Advent: 1

Watching & Waiting 2002-Advent: 2

With an eye to change 2004-Lent: 1



A Lent Meal prayer 2002-Lent: 3

A psalm for late Lent (129) 2002-Lent: 3

Advent 2004-Advent: 2

Advent resources 2002-Advent: 3

Autumn 1999-Autumn: 3

Birds and Balloons 2003-Easter: 2

Bits for Lent 2002-Lent: 4

Blessing the Wreath 2000-Advent: 3

Celebrating a Season - November 1999-Autumn: 4

I am with you always 2003-Easter: 2

Just a drop? - Water in Lent 2000-Spring: 1

Lent Calendar 2003-Lent: 2

Liturgy for Advent: Preparing for Christmas 2001-Advent: 3

Mary as Model 2003-Advent: 4

Music - sound of the season - Lent 2000-Spring: 3

Music & Resources for the Season 2001-Easter: 3

Music & Resources for the Season 2001-Lent: 3

Music & Resources for the Season 2001-Summer: 3

Music & Resources for the Season 2002-Lent: 3

Music and Resources for the Season 2000-Advent: 4

Music and Resources for the Season 2001-Advent: 3

Music for the Season 2001-Winter: 3

Phrases for distribution of Ashes 2003-Lent: 2

Planning a liturgy - Ash Wednesday 2000-Spring: 2

Sing a song of creation 2003-Easter: 2

Songs of Watching & Wating 2002-Advent: 2

The Angelus 2000-Advent: 2

The Saints, our brothers and Sisters 2002-Autumn: 2
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