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Spirit of the Season 2005–6

Music Ideas




Spirit of the Season
Recent Additions
Spirit of the Season tries to pack a lot of information into 4 pages. The following page offers music ideas as a supplement to material on page 4 of Spirit of the Season in 2005–6.

A list of resources is offered at the bottom of the page.


Remembering the Dead

Litany of the Saints
Saints of God in Glory - Farrell (Res)
Litany of the Saints - Steel (Res)
Stand firm - Cameroons/Haugen (Ld)
For further ideas see AYWL - Core Repertoire
Song of God's Love and Mercy
Always in your presence - Jakob (Can)
Bless the Lord - Taizé (CFE, HON, Ld)
Eye has not seen - Haugen (CFE, Ld)
God of mercy - Farrell (Can)
I will never forget you - Landry (CFE, HON, Ld)
Song of Simeon - Foster (Can)
You are mine - Haas (Ld)
Psalm 22 (23)
Shepherd me, O God - Haugen (Ld)
The Lord is my Shepherd - Boyce/Stanley (Can)
Psalm 26 (27)
The Lord is my light - Joncas (HON)
The Lord is my light - Taizé (HON)
May the choirs of angels - Sands (Ld)
Song of Farewell
See Spirit of the Season Autumn 03 (pdf)
Song of Hope
Be not afraid (CFE, HON, Ld)
Go before us - Farrell (GBU)
Guide me, O thou great Redeemer (CFE, HON, Ld)
If we are living - Mexican (Ld)
In life and death - Haugen (Can)
Lord of all hopefulness (CFE, HON, Ld)
Nada te turbe - Taizé (HON, Ld)


Looking at the Mass - Introductory Rites
AYWL - Music Resource 1 - Introductory Rites
Morning Prayer
Short Song of Praise
Argentinian Gloria - Sosa (Can)
Celtic Alleluia - O'Carroll/Walker (CFE, HON, Ld)
Gloria - Taizé (Ld)
Heaven and earth - Iona (CAYP)
Holy is God - Inwood (Ld)
Laudate Dominum - Taizé (CFE, Hon, Ld)
Seasonal Psalm
for more information of Seasonal Psalms
Psalm 24
Longing, Waiting - Foster (Can)
To you, O Lord - Haugen (Can)
Psalm 84
Let us see - Smith (Ld)


Looking at the Mass — Liturgy of the Word
AYWL - Music Resource 2 - Liturgy of the Word
Blessing the Classroom
Song of Welcome, God's presence
All are welcome - Haugen (Ld)
All the earth proclaim the Lord - Deiss (Can, CFE, Hon, Ld)
Be still for the presence of the Lord - Evans (CFE, HON, Ld)
Come all your people - Gondo (Can, CAYP)
Many are the lightbeams - Widestrand (Ld)
Where two or three (Can)
You have called us - Farrell (Can)


Sing a new song!
AYWL - Music Resource 5 - Has more ideas about 'Songs of Justice' and resources for music from the World Church
Settings of Magnificat & Beatitudes
Looking at the Mass - Liturgy of the Eucharist
AYWL - Music Resource 3 - Preparation of Gifts
AYWL - Music Resource 4 - Eucharistic Prayer, Communion Rite
Penitential Service
Song of God's love for us
Do not be afraid - Haas (Ld)
God of mercy - Farrell (Can)
I have loved you - Joncas (CFE, Hon, Ld)
Lord of Life - Walker (Ld)
O God, you search me and you know me - Farrell (Ld)
Song of Justice
see above
Seasonal Psalm
for more information of Seasonal Psalms
Ps 50
Be merciful, O Lord - Haugen (Can)
Give me a new heart - Walker (Ld)
Ps 90
Be with me, Lord - Haugen (Can)
Be with me Lord - Joncas (CFE)
On Eagle's wings - Joncas (CFE, Hon, Ld)
Ps 129
Out of the Depths - Dean & Walker (Can)
Out of the Depths - Soper (Ld)
Intercession Response
Settings of Kyrie
Through our lives - Bell (CFE, Ld)
We ask you, Lord - Inwood (Ld)
Song of God's love and mercy
Settings of the Magnificat
God forgave my sin - Owens (CFE, Hon, Ld)
You shall go out with joy (CFE, Hon, Ld)


Looking at the Mass — The Communion Rite
AYWL - Music Resource 4 - Eucharistic Prayer, Communion Rite
Celebrating the Resurrection
Song of Resurrection
Alleluia, give thanks (CFE, Ld, HON)
Christ, be our light (Easter version) - Farrell (res)
Easter Acclamation - Dean (Ld)
Jesus, you are Lord - Barrett/Binding (Ld)
Keep in Mind - Deiss (CFE, HON, Ld)
Sing to the Mountains - Dufford (CFE, Hon, Ld)
Celtic Alleluia - O'Carroll/Walker (CFE, HON, Ld)
Easter Acclamation - Dean (Ld)
Easter Alleluia - Haugen (Can, Ld)
Gospel Greeting - Farrell (Can)
Simple Plainsong (Ld, Hon)
Seasonal Psalms
Psalm 117
Christus resurrexit - Taizé (Ld)
The stone which the builders rejected - Farrell (Ld)
This day was made by the Lord - Walker (CFE)
This is the day - Haugen (Res)
Psalm 135
Confitemini Domino - Taizé (CFE. HON, Ld)
Love is never ending - Haugen (Shepherd me, O God)
O give thanks to the Lord - Gelineau (Ld)
Song of Praise or Thanksgiving
see Short Song of Praise - Advent
A Song of Resurrection might also be suitable


Looking at the Mass — Concluding Rite
AYWL - Music Resource 5 - Concluding Rite
A time of Thanksgiving for staff
Song of the Word
In the Land - Farrell (ld)
Litany of the Word - Farrell (Ld)
O, the word of my Lord - Lundy (CFE, HON, Ld)
O Word of God - Manalo (Can)
Parable - Ridge (Ld)
Word of God - Farrell (Can, GBU)
Word of God, burn within us - Hurd (Can)
Your words are spirit and life - Farrell (Ld)
Song of Rejoicing
see Short Song of Praise - Advent
Bénissez le Seigneur - Taizé (Ld)
Jubilate, servite - Taizé (CFE, Hon, Ld)
Laudate Dominum - Taizé (CFE, HON, LD)
Thanks be to God - Dean (Ld)
The heavens are telling - Haugen (Ld)


Can Cantate Decani
CAYP Come all you people Wild Goose
CFE Celebration Hymn for Everyone McCrimmons
GBU Go before us - Farrell OCP (Decani in UK)
HON Hymns Old & New Liturgical Kevin Mayhew
Ld Laudate Decani
Res Resurrexit Decani
Shepherd me, O God - Haugen GIA (Decani in UK)
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