Celebrating Sunday Evening Prayer

A resource to parishes and communities celebrate Sunday Evening Prayer. The volume, prepared by the Liturgy Office, includes guidance for preparation and material for celebration. Drawing on the ideas of the 'Cathedral' or 'urban' Office the book encourages parishes to celebrate Evening Prayer over a liturgical season. The use of elements repeated from week to week allows people to enter into the prayer. Above all it is intended to show to parishes that celebrating the Office is about more than words but can engage all the senses through music and use of symbol.

Included as part of the publication is a CD-ROM containing materials to assist parishes prepare leaflets.


Celebrating Sunday Evening Prayer
Canterbury Press
ISBN: 1 85311 732 3
Published July 2005


Material to assist parishes and communities explore and use this publication.


Introductory Material
Introduction from Celebrating Sunday Evening Prayer [pdf]
Introduction leaflet — a short extract from the Introduction [pdf]
Structure [pdf] — the basic structure of Evening Prayer given in Celebrating Sunday Evening Prayer.
Background Material
An article by Stephen Dean that gives some of the background to the project.


Introductory Leaflets for Parishes
A series of leaflets for parish use which introduce the celebration to the assembly.
Introductory Leaflets for Liturgical Ministers
A series of leaflets for parish ministers giving a short background to the celebration and introducing their particular role.
Other Settings
For most texts in Celebrating Sunday Evening Prayer where a musical setting is given a list of other settings is provided. The purpose of these lists is to provide a resource for parishes. It is the intended that the list will be updated as new resources become available.

Liturgy Preparation

Liturgy Planning sheet
An extract from Celebrating Sunday Evening Prayer for preparing individual liturgies.
Seasonal Planning sheet
Celebrating Sunday Evening Prayer encourages the use of material over a liturgical season. This sheet is intended to assist the planning process.
Yearly Record sheet
This sheet is intended to provide a record of the seasonal settings used over a year.
Sundays of Year
Appendix 2 summarises information about which Sundays are celebrated when. This sheet applies that information to the year.
Resources for Celebrating Sunday Evening Prayer