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As an aid to identifying documents each one has been given a number which can be found at the end of the acknowledgements.


  • D001         Additions to RM3
  • D002         Contents of GIRM & CTM
  • D003         GIRM — changes in 3rd edition
  • D004         Recent liturgical Documents
  • D005         RM3 — Translation

In Communion with Christ

  • C001         In Communion with Christ — complete
  • C002         ICWC – Intro
  • C003 ICWC - notes for liturgy groups

Parish leaflets

  • C011         1. Introduction
  • C012         2. Gathering
  • C013         3. Word
  • C014         4. Thanksgiving
  • C015         5. Communion
  • C016         6. Mission
  • C017         Newsletter inserts 

Family leaflets

  • C031         1. Introduction
  • C032         2. Gathering
  • C033         3. Word
  • C034         4. Thanksgiving
  • C035         5. Communion
  • C036         6. Mission

Homily sheets

  • C021         1. Introduction
  • C022         2. Gathering
  • C023         3. Word
  • C024         4. Thanksgiving
  • C025         5. Communion
  • C026         6. Mission

Opportunities and Challenges

  • I000         Opportunities summary


  • I011      Presiding
  • I012      Concelebration
  • I013      Lay Ministry
  • I014      Collaborative ministry


  • I021      Basic Liturgical formation
  • I022      Formation for the Assembly
  • I023      Basic formation for ministry
  • I024      Respecting the text/knowing the Missal
  • I025      Making the connections: Liturgy for life/catechesis/homily


  • I031      Liturgy Preparation
  • I032      Silence
  • I033      ‘It’s not just about us’ -Liturgy as Catholic, Cosmic & Eschatalogical
  • I034      Appropriate Adaptation of the Liturgy – for celebrations with schools, young people etc.
  • I035      Liturgy and issues of Inclusion/Exclusion: children; ecumenism; other faiths (Participation)


  • I041      Quality/integrity of Symbols: Bread/Wine/Candles
  • I042      Sunday
  • I043      Posture
  • I044      Music and the Mass
  • I045      Incensing
  • I046      Flowers and Decoration


  • I051      How well do we prepare to gather?
  • I052      The Introductory Rites

Liturgy of the Word

  • I061      Participating in the Liturgy of the Word
  • I062      Preparing a reading
  • I063      Preparing a homily
  • I064      Preparing the Prayer of the Faithful

Liturgy of the Eucharist

  • I071      Participating in the Liturgy of the Eucharist
  • I072      Preparation of the Gifts
  • I073      The Sunday Collections
  • I074      Praying the Eucharistic Prayer
  • I075      Choosing a Eucharistic Prayer

Communion Rite

  • I081      Communion Procession
  • I082      Breaking the Bread
  • I083      Communion under Both Kinds
  • I084      Use of Tabernacle


  • I091      Weekday Mass
  • I092      Choosing the readings
  • I093      Responding to Events
  • I094      Church ordering
  • I095      Sacred Images
  • I096      Liturgical development and Tradition 

Other Resources

Deanery material

  • O001    Participating in the Liturgy
  • O002 Ministering the Word
  • O003 Celebrating with Symbols

Ministry Leaflets

Liturgical Assembly

  • M001      General Instruction of the Roman Missal: An Introduction
  • M002      Celebrating the Mass: An Introduction
  • M003       The ministry of the Liturgical Assembly

Ordained Ministry

  • M004        General Instruction of the Roman Missal and Celebrating the Mass
    A reading guide for Priests
  • M005       General Instruction of the Roman Missal and Celebrating the Mass
    A reading guide for Deacons
  • M006       Liturgical Preaching and Catechesis

Lay Liturgical Ministry

  • M010            Liturgy Preparation Groups and Mass
  • M011            Ministers of Holy Communion at Mass
  • M012            Ministering the Liturgy of the Word to Children at Mass
  • M013            Musicians and their ministry at Mass
  • M014            Preparing the Liturgical Environment for Mass
  • M015            Preparing the Prayer of the Faithful at Mass
  • M016            Readers and their ministry at Mass
  • M017            Servers and their ministry at Mass
  • M018            The ministry of Hospitality at Mass
  • M019            The ministry of Lay Leaders
  • M020            The ministry of Parents

Lay Liturgical Ministry — Children

  • M030      The ministry of the Assembly
  • M031      The ministry of Musician
  • M032      The ministry of Reader
  • M033      The ministry of Server

With Hearts & Minds

  • W000 With Hearts and Minds - info sheet
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