Consecrated for Worship

Parish Leaflets

What do these leaflets contain?

They provide a brief summary of the Church’s expectations of an altar, an ambo, the presidential chair etc. They also offer material for prayer and reflection.

How might you use these leaflets?

Part Two of Consecrated for Worship describes the process of reviewing the ordering of a church.

These leaflets will provide a useful complement to any formation that is offered in the parish in relation to such a review.

They are not intended to replace the relevant chapter of Consecrate

d for Worship. However they are a helpful summary and appropriate take-home material for those parishioners who would wish, or have time, to read the full document.

The leaflets might also be used with RCIA groups and other adults being introduced to the church building. In this case the prayer material will be particularly helpful.

Additional resources are in preparation for use with children and young people.

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