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Archdiocese of Brisbane Liturgical Commission

Liturgy News

A magazine style journal for pastoral liturgists, produced quarterly by the Liturgical Commission of the Archdiocese of Brisbane. Each issue contains two or three substantial articles exploring pastoral/liturgical concern, as well as a generous review of international liturgical news. The journal is particularly strong in its reviews of Music and Books. Each issue is introduced by a substantial editorial essay by Tom Elich.

Liturgical Press


Since 1926, this prestigious English-language review has delivered the best in liturgical scholarship. Although it is rooted in both a Benedictine and Roman Catholic tradition, Worship attracts a readership drawn from both lay and ordained individuals interested in worship considered from theological, pastoral, and cultural perspectives. Worship is for those who want to remain up-to-date with the latest developments in liturgical practice and pastoral ministry for all who have a commitment to the quality of liturgical worship.

Liturgy Training Publications


Since 1978 Assembly has been encouraging and challenging the liturgy. Each issue examines a particular aspect of the liturgy. Cutting-edge theologians and pastoral liturgists share their insights and their passion with articles like Our Sister… Water, The Chrism of Salvation, The Poetry of the Cross, Ministers of Communion and The Ministry of Music.
Published six times a year. Each issue is eight pages, readable at one sitting and a perfect length for the continuing education of liturgical ministers.


Those who minister to catechumens and candidates need faith. They also need training, information and ongoing formation. Catechumenate provides all three. In fact, everyone on the parish initiation team needs his or her own copy. Catechumenate is published six times a year with 48 pages per issue. Illuminating articles, reflections on the Sunday scriptures, information about coming events and the beauty of the cover art will be welcome companions on the journey of all who work with the catechumenate. A handy binder holds two full years of issues for storage and reference.

Chicago Studies

Are you dissatisfied with short reviews and commentaries but find extensive theological reading too time-consuming? Chicago Studies is the journal where scholarship and the life of the Catholic community intersect, giving you the substance you want with the convenience you require. This journal is designed for those working in pastoral ministry. Three times a year (Spring, Summer and Fall/Winter), Chicago Studies gives you several major articles grouped around a particular concern of the church and its ministry, various short articles and reflections. Recent articles have included Catholic Schools: A Bright Future, Liturgical Life at the Turn of the Millennium, The Spirituality of a Parish Staff, and Saint Francis and Saint Clare as Spiritual Guides. A great resource for priests, deacons, educators and all pastoral ministers.

Pastoral Liturgy (formerly Rite)

The rites we practice, the liturgies we celebrate, are where we meet one another to worship God and forge our community of faith. Encourage those involved in this vital work to learn more and grow in their ministries. Regular features of Rite include: articles on various aspects of liturgy, including practical ways to keep holidays and holy days and theological reflections on the sacred mysteries; questions and answers about pastoral practices; news of workshops, seminars and educational programs; reproducible bulletins articles with artwork. Published six times a year.

Novalis - Canada


Cover of Celebrate

Celebrate! is edited by Canadian liturgist Bernadette Gasslein. Aimed a parish ministers it covers all aspects of liturgy: practical questions, art, music. Its 32 large format pages usually contains about 7 articles. Also included is a process of reflection on the Sunday Scriptures

  • Celebrate - website
  • 6 issues a year
  • 2009 Subscription: £35.00

Resource Publications

Ministry & Liturgy

Ministry & Liturgy magazine was created with integrated ministries in mind. For 32 years ML has been an independent, thought-provoking source of ideas and solutions for all ministers working in an ever-evolving church. If you are looking for solid, practical ways to connect your ministries, you need this resource. In addition to features and regular columns on topics of interest to the entire parish team - rites, music, faith formation, Scripture, art and architecture, hospitality, and many more