A Time of Prayer


Often people are looking for a simple pattern for daily prayer. A Time of Prayer is a booklet, prepared by the Liturgy Office, which offers a simple form, using the scriptures that can be used at any time of the day, and everyday. It follows the basic structure of the Divine Office, which since Vatican II has been seen as the Prayer not just of the clergy and religious but of the whole Church. A Time of Prayer has been written in order to be suitable for use by individuals and by groups. It is published by CTS.





Opening Responses
[Seasonal Psalm]
Psalm of the day
Scripture reading
Gospel Canticle
Lord’s Prayer
Concluding Prayer
[ ] elements in brackets may be omitted.


A hymn can be chosen according to the Liturgical Season, the time of day or on a general theme of praise and thanksgiving. Hymns are intended to be sung; if the hymn is not sung it is best omitted.

  • Morning
    • to be added
  • Evening


A short text is provided each day. There are a number of other possibilities:

  • To choose one of the readings from the Mass of the day, either the first reading or the Gospel.
  • To take the opportunity to reflect on the Sunday readings: in preparation from Thursday to Saturday; in reflection from Monday to Wednesday.
  • To follow a systematic reading of a book of the bible.


For Solemnities A Time of Prayer provides an optional first psalm (Psalm 149). The following days are celebrated as Solemnities:

  • January 1 - Mary, Mother of God
  • January 6 - The Epiphany of the Lord
  • March 19 - St Joseph
  • March 25 - The Annunciation of the Lord
  • The Ascension
  • Holy Trinity
  • The Body & Blood of Christ
  • The Sacred Heart of Jesus
  • June 24 - The Birth of St John the Baptist
  • June 29 - Ss Peter & Paul, apostles
  • August 15 - The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • November 1 - All Saints
  • Christ the King
  • December 8 - The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • December 25 - The Birth of Our Lord

For more information about Solemnities.

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

During the time of Adoration part of the Liturgy of the Hours may be prayed. A time of prayer could be used as a simple form of communal prayer.

Resources for Exposition in the Year of the Eucharist are available. The Services of Exposition could be used in conjunction with A time of prayer taking the reading and the concluding prayer from the sheet.

Exposition (Procession from the place of Reservation)
(Exposition after Mass)
Liturgy of the Hours —A Time of Prayer
(Sufficient time should also be allowed for silent prayer)
Eucharistic Song
Reposition (Procession to the place of Reservation)