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This section offers material for dioceses and others to help plan formation for the General Instruction and Celebrating the Mass.

There are two areas: materials for planning and presenting sessions, and resources for addressing some of the issues raised by the General Instruction.

This information will be available only in the section of the website reserved for diocesan liturgy contacts.


Two sets of material are provided: ready-made PowerPoint presentations and a selection of Slide masters for use by those preparing presentations.
  • All presentations require Microsoft PowerPoint to run. Two fonts have been used in these presentations: Georgia & Trebuchet MS. These fonts are supplied by Microsoft and come free with most Microsoft products including PowerPoint, Office and Internet Explorer. If you wish to change the font settings change the Master Slide under the View Menu.
  • Leader’s notes are provided for the slides but these are visible only if you choose the option of downloading the file to your computer.
  • Some of the files are large (1 MB)

  • PowerPoint Presentations
    a link has been provided for suitable supporting handouts
    1. What's the Church been saying?
      the context of the General Instruction
      handout (pdf)
    2. What is a General Instruction?
    3. The Roman Missal — what's new?
      handout (pdf)
    4. The General Instruction — what's new?
      handout (pdf)
    5. With Hearts and Minds
      handout (pdf)
    6. In Communion with Christ
      handout (pdf)
    7. Other Formation Resources

  • PowerPoint Masters
    different colour schemes
    1. Master 1
    2. Master 2
    3. Master 3
    4. Master 4

The following material is for use on formation days in small groups.
  • Identifying Issues
    These handouts include the Pope John Paul's liturgical 'examination of conscience' from Spiritus et Sponsa together with a couple of quotations from GIRM — participants are asked to identify the formation issues raised by the quotations.
    1. Assembly and Posture (pdf)
    2. Fruits of Mass and Choice of Texts (pdf)
    3. Song and Silence (pdf)
    4. Word and Bread (pdf)
  • An Examination of Conscience
    Based on the Pope John Paul's liturgical 'examination of conscience' from Spiritus et Sponsa this sheet expands each of the questions. It is intended to help identify formation issues.
  • Questions about Formation
    A worksheet to help identify the level of formation needed.
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