Celebrations of Word and Communion

Ritual Book

In 1996 the Liturgy Office published an interim text for Celebrations of the Word and Communion (CWC)

Work has now begun on a ritual book which will include a revised rite for such celebrations along with other resources for parishes celebrating liturgies other than Mass. It is hoped that this will be available by 2008. The revised rite will replace the interim rite for CWC. Publication of the new book will be reported in the Liturgy Newsletter.

For some years that interim text has been available as a booklet sold through the Liturgy Office. With the forthcoming volume and the end of the present stock it has been decided not to reprint.

Until such time as the new rite is approved and the new ritual book printed, the interim text will be available on the Liturgy Office website in PDF form. It may be freely downloaded below.

The Bishops’ Conference retains the copyright on the text but it may now be freely photocopied and used in the liturgy and distributed at training days. Copies may not be sold without seeking permission from the Department for Christian Life and Worship, 39 Eccleston Square, London, SW1V 1PL (tel. 020 7901 4850).

The pages are A4 size, suitable for insertion into a presentation folder which can be used as a worthy leader’s book during celebration of the liturgy.

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