Traditional Prayers — Other Rites

From the Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church

The Compendium of the Catechism draws on the breadth of the Church's tradition by including prayers from other Rites.

Coptic Incense Prayer

O King of peace,
give us your peace and pardon our sins.
Dismiss the enemies of the Church
and protect her so that she never fail.
Emmanuel our God is in our midst
in the glory of the Father and of the Holy Spirit.
May he bless us and purify our hearts
and cure the sicknesses of our soul and body.
We adore you, O Christ,
with your good Father and the Holy Spirit
because you have come and you have saved us.

Syro-Maronite Farewell to the Altar

Remain in peace, O Altar of God.
May the offering that I have taken from you
be for the remission of my debts
and the pardon of my sins
and may it obtain for me
that I may stand before the tribunal of Christ
without condemnation and without confusion.
I do not know if I will have the opportunity
to return and offer another sacrifice upon you.
Protect me, O Lord,
and preserve your holy Church as the way to truth and salvation.

Byzantine Prayer for the Deceased

God of the spirits and of all flesh,
who have trampled death and annihilated the devil
and given life to your world,
may you yourself, O Lord,
grant to the soul of your deceased servant N.
rest in a place of light, a verdant place, a place of freshness,
from where suffering, pain and cries are far removed.
Do You, O good and compassionate God
forgive every fault committed by him
in word, work or thought
because there is no man who lives and does not sin.
You alone are without sin
and your justice is justice throughout the ages
and your word is truth.
Since you, O Christ our God,
are the resurrection, the life
and the repose of your deceased servant N.,
we give you glory together with your un-begotten Father
and your most holy, good and life-creating Spirit,
now and always and forever and ever.

bowl of burning incense